Hire state of the art Magic Selfie Mirrors for Weddings, Parties and Events

Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror Rental

The next generation of the traditional photo booth, our Magic Selfie Mirrors provide a brand new concept of interactive photo entertainment.

It’s all about interacting with your guests in real-time, and provides an entertaining and interactive way for people to capture all the fun of your wedding or party. The sleek design of our full length reflective mirror looks great at any event or occasion, and with the newest touchscreen technology, is much more fun than the standard photo booth.

A revolution in photo booth entertainment!

It’s all about capturing candid, real, weird and wonderful moments from your party or wedding – all through the eyes of your Magic Mirror.

A similar concept to the traditional photo booth, where people have photos taken at events, choosing to use props or not, and get a fun memento photo of the party … but the Magic Selfie Mirror is a photo booth with bells on!

More interactive and with lots of new features and benefits, it will really help your party stand out from the rest, encouraging fun and laughter along the way!

Interactive Photo Technology for Any Event

With interactive animations between photos, the user-friendly mirror allows both you and your guests to print instant high quality photos to keep forever.

If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to engage guests at your next party or event, our full length Magic Selfie Mirrors simply must be seen.

Why Choose The Event Hub

While there are other companies offering similar services and products at "cheaper" prices, you should check that you are booking a proper Fotomaster mirror and not one of the common lesser imitations.

  • We only use premium Fotomaster products, and while other magic mirrors may offer subpar image quality and printing, our Fotomaster Selfie Mirror guarantees exceptional, high-quality photos every single time.
  • All our mirrors are owned, operated and maintained in-house by The Event Hub team, with no sub-contracting of lesser products.
  • Our engaging custom animations guide your guests to touch the screen and interact with the mirror, even allowing them to write a custom message or sign their names and see the results on their printed photos.
  • Your guests will receive instant, high-quality personalized prints that can feature your branding, business logo, names, or any other customization that you wish.
  • Our full-length mirrors provide a sleek, modern look, starting from the ground up. Other mirrors on the market tend to be slimmer and shorter.
  • For an added touch of glamour, we also offer a red carpet runway to enhance the overall experience.
  • Our advanced software allows guests to start the selfie mirror with a simple touch, or by waving at the mirror, or even with a smile.
  • Our props box offers a wide variety of fun and silly props that your guests can use to let loose and have a great time.
  • Our friendly staff members provide top-notch service to ensure that your guests feel comfortable and enjoy themselves throughout the event.
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