Hashtag Printing for Weddings, Parties and Events

Hashtag Printer

Hashtag Printer Rental

Print live social media photos at your wedding or event, and put the photo booth in your guests hands.

The Hashtag Printer is all about interacting with your guests in real-time. It’s the photo booth that literally puts the camera in your guest’s pocket.

The sleek and modern design of our printers looks great at any event or occasion, and provides an entertaining and interactive way for guests to capture all the fun of your party. By simply snapping a photo on Instagram using your own dedicated hashtag, both you and your guests get an instant, bespoke designed, high quality print to keep forever.

Giving guests instant memories from events

Inspire engagement by allowing your guests to capture moments from every corner of your event, using their phones to take and share photos on Instagram.

Guests can then visit the Hashtag Printer station and simply click on the user-friendly touchscreen to instantly print photos.

Be social and get everyone involved

Make everyone an official photographer with the Hashtag Printer.

Get instant prints of the photos your guests post on social media. It’s an innovation everyone is talking about, and it’s taking the Wedding and Event scene by storm. This is not your regular photo booth, it’s a modern social printer that monitors and collects pictures with your dedicated Instagram hashtag, and allows guests to print them instantly.

It’s fun, it’s innovative, it’s engaging, and it gives your guests a little memento of the party.

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