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Bog The Donkey

Bog The Donkey Wedding Band Cork

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Bog The Donkey

Bog The Donkey pride themselves on being able to suit any wedding audience, and have even been known to occasionally invite members of the audience to join us onstage to add to the musical fun. They play all of the major festivals and clubs throughout the country, as well as touring the UK and USA on a regular basis.

The highly experienced band cover most genres of music, ensuring to always please the many different age groups at most weddings! Without negotiating the essence of a good night out.

Bog The Donkey were formed in 1995 and features four fantastic musicians. With over 150 years of combined musical experience between them, these guys know their trade. And it especially shows in their live performances.

Their set is an incredible mix of every kind of music, from rock to pop to trad to rap, and everything in between. This probably shouldn’t work, but somehow every track seems to compliment the next effortlessly. It really is a beast of wild energy, but with controlled musical finesse. With a clever and thoughtful mix of classic sing-a-longs, floor-fillers, and unforgettable party tunes, the band pride themselves in being able to suit any audience.

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